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Ms Rochelle Rivera Disney Party | MajLife

Disney Princess Party At @bleuhotelatpasig 

Become a Princess has always been a dream when i was little.
Fairytale exist. It is! i am a mom of two and still my biggest dream to be a princess but this time not for me but for my two little girl's..
I've been a follower of Ms Rochelle Rivera since year 2016 of December.
from then i started Reading her blogs, following on her Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
and that month too that i've luckily won on her Giveaway, just in time for Christmas day (
it started everything from there..
Ms Rochelle is the nicest person and my first blogger to follow on Social Media.
A Person with a Beautiful face and a Pure Heart to everyone.
"si Ms Rochelle... ang bait-bait talaga.."

Year 2017, i never get a chance to attend on her Birthday Party because i'm about to give birth to my youngest daughter that time. (Sayang talaga...) but as much as i would love to--i was advised by my OB to just stay Home. and i promise myself next year (2018) i would definitely come.. come what may..
but still having thoughts--Will i still go?! Who would watch over my two girl's?
pero ang bait talaga ni Ms Rochelle.. She made it really possible..even arranged a table for kids.. really so considerate and generous.. 

My eldest, month before when she knew she will going to attend a disney party, she already requested "Belle" for her custome and she is very much excited about it... even more excited that she will get a chance to dance "Bhoom Bhoom" together with the other Princesses.

A Princess/Prince For a day for my little girl's & my nephew Mackenzie
and that's because of Ms ROCHELLE RIVERA. She made ONE great dream come true.

with the Only and only Princess Rochelle (The Celebrant)

Party started around 3:30pm, 
everyone is excited to see the birthday celebrant on her "Princess Belle" Gown - i am too!

with The early Princess Ariel (Mars B) hehehe..

with her Ninang B as Princes Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Meeting some of our Promonatic Friends is like one Reunion planned.
Sis Jean (Princess Jasmine, Aladdin)

Sis Roxanne (Princess Elsa, Frozen)

Sis Meldy & Sis Pia

Sis Anna 

Sis Melinda with her pretty Baby Madeline (The Stepmom with her Little Snow White)

Sis Rachelle

Sis Cris (Princess Jasmine, Aladdin)

Sis Hershey (Princess Snow White)

Sis Nica (Princess Snow White)

Sis Pia & Sis Jaymee (Princess Merida, Brave)

Sis Malome (Pocahontas)

and got a chance to have a selfie with one of our favorite Bloggers/Vloggers too, 
All Beautiful and so Nice:

Ms Kaycee of

Ms Genzel of

Mamanee of
Mamanee was one of the TOP 5 for Best Disney Princess
and WON a bouquet of Pastillas roses and a trip to Disneyland. 
(Congratulations! cant wait to see your trip with Ms Rochelle)

And to make as say(yummy--burp!)
Thank You:
Lutong Bahay to try:


These Two are enjoying their Fries from POTATO CORNER,
chocolate drink & ABSOLUTE Distilled Water 

My Happiest Little Belle getting a prize from Princess (Belle) Tita Rochelle

And just Before the night ends -- Gladly to have a Photo taken with the Pretty Princess Belle 
(with my twin sister Rica, My Nephew Zie & my two girls (Roczi & Rayne)

We enjoy the party so much i can't explain..
Tiring but ALL Worth it.
our Kids enjoyed and so we ARE.

Thank You Ms @rochellemiko for making this all possible. 
Your Birthday makes it One Grand Memorable for All of us Who loves you so dearly! 
Hope we made you Happy on your Special Day. 

🎉Happiest Birthday Ms ROCHELLE🎉

Please watch my video for the full happenings:


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