Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Blessed 2017

Life has its toughiest and merriest.
Eveyone is not exempted to it.

But life must be live to the way it should be,
Be thankful for every thing that comes along.
2017 has been so good to us, for my personal life, for me being a stay at home mom, 
with Online/Promo World-i never thought that i would got a luck on joining giveaways but luckily ive tried and bless me with so much that i didnt imagine - 

But what makes it more overflowing surprises, have our greatest blessings this Year of The Rooster -for family - we are blessed with a New Family Member. 
What can i ask for?
I thank God for all of this, i always thought that my life is just simple, i must have done something really Good that He has been  giving me All of these ..
I Love This Year and i am so excited to Welcome another year.. and thats my Year..
2018 is Year of The Dog., 
definitely My Year!!

We should never forget to Thank God for everything, Small or Big, simple or grand.. its still a Blessings!

I am Blessed.
As i always says: 
“i am not rich but i am blessed With things Money Cant Buy.”


What are you thankful for 2017?


Monday, January 15, 2018

Staycation before 2018 -

Eversince i got pregnant with my second child, we never get to go for even an overnight stay far from Home. Eventhough im allowed to travel, i dis-allowed myself, i have this discomfort of having to seat for an hour trip. But my twin sister here introduce Paraiso ni Baste where in an Hour drive from Manila and they got a reasonable prices for accommodation.

Just 2months after i gave birth we've planned of staying an overnight before New Year plus to check on the hotel too.

We leave Makati by 10am to met up with my twin sister at their house in Manila, Her Husband will drove for us. We made everything set - from Food, our personal things, kiddie stuffs. Were so excited and not only that !! our little kiddos are too excited to swim already wearing their rash guard and floaties.

We’re so Ready!

We leave Manila by 11am and get to Paraiso ni Baste less than an Hour.
No traffic on Christmas Break! (Thats good thing!!)

Yey! Finally here.
Welcome to Paraiso ni Basti.

Heres a List of Rates:
Photo Credit:

Room Is Spacious for a Family of two with two Kids.

After an Hour of rest, here’s a favorite part for Kids & Kids at Heart..

SWIMMING is a lot of FUN!

My twin Sister & Her Family
(Rica, Zie & Macky)

My Little Babba’s First Staycation
(Daddy & Ate at the Back)

A Great Sunset View ☀️
Paraiso ni Baste at Night 📸ricamananquil

Paraiso ni Baste at Night 📸ricamananquil
Good MorningBasti! Waking Up with this Calming cold wind Outside..

A Cousin’s Bonding.

Our Little Swimmer is ready to splash! (


More Slides to enjoy..

One more thing i like about this Place.. More Parking Space 😊

Sometimes, we get tired from everyday even when your just home taking good care of your kids.. 
what we also need is Staycation once in a while.. 
A Brand New Year to welcome .. 
we enjoy this day with Family.. we are lookingforward for our second visit her in Paraiso ni Basti.. Hoping this time.. 
will have my own Splash in the water..

Looking for one to spend your day .. just an hour away.. ?
Paraiso ni Basti.

Til next time..


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mommy’s DIY

What makes a celebration really memorable?
From scratch to full love DO-IT-YOUR OWN.
Didn't get a chance to do it woth my First born because i was working that time.
A less time at home and had nothing to do after - Work. And super dead tired.
I always end up of buying things, but still make an effort of it..
Oooppps.. still choose what best for my little girl.

D.I.Y (Do It Your Own)
Make everything with all concept you think, make every detail in perspective.

My bunso turned 1 month last Nov 18,
Just a month before i ordered onesies in for just Php85.00 per pc only (so cheap but a nice fabric)

I’ve decided of getting her a onesies with #1, A Tutu & a crown (Princess it is)
- A cardboard name & #1
- a gold lace crown
- onesies (0-3mos)
- a pink stick on gems that my twin sister bought to make #1 
- a preloved pink tutu from ate roczi's (my eldest) old fairy custome

Personalized touch makes it so special. Ready for my little girl's 1st Month.

Whatever the celebration, personalized gifts can be monogrammed, engraved, embroidered, and customized to help create a smile that lasts a lifetime.
This will also practice our creativity and soon we can also teach our kids.

Whats good thing with DIY? You spend less but you got more on what you spend for.

Share your D.I.Y too.

visit our online store too: www.shopee/ph/mkartoftrade05


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Being a Mom..

Days before our Eldest turns 4.
Another Blessings confirmed!

Thats why i felt different the past months, something change with my mood.
Im 11weeks. Literally. Super Excited. Mixed Emotions. What to expect? Hmmm.. nothing much, just hoping this wouldnt be a hard one too.. just like our First Born.
No dizziness.
No Morning Sickness.
No Vomiting.
Just a bit change with my food cravings, 
im more starving every hour plus a little lazy for things and i get tired so fast.

At my 23weeks and counting..
starts craving for this!!
Plus Sweets OverLoad!! 
PS: Nothing to worry Blood Sugar is Fine.
“ I’m a Girl “
our Eldest cannot contain her Happiness after telling her that we are having a Baby Girl, She’s praying for it! 
Thank you Papa God ❤️
Cant wait to see you...
This is it! At 37weeks 2days
See you in an Hour our Little Rayne.
Daddy’s First Sight
At exactly 12:46am onOct 18, Weigh 6.4lbs
Meeting Ate Roczi for the First Time.
" our Greatest joy.. "
Those tiny feet and hands can simply makes the world so meaningful.
After 4 years we have been blessed with another girl last October,
I was supposed to schedule via C-Section dated October23 but it was early than we expect. A PreNatal Check up that goes me to admit straight and give birth.
This is also the day my father died when we were 9yrs old
(26yrs ago to be exact)
our cousin died on the same date too 3yrs ago and my mother in law died two years ago.
But it gives us the best reason to celebrate - another life given to us- a total BLESSINGS!
All is worth the PAIN.  Im a proud Mom with these twobeautiful girls. ❤️
Pregnancy thought me a lot of things, from my first one up to this moment.. You have to have a LOT of patience.. Its not just about you.. its more about the little life you have inside - to keep her safe all through out.Being a mom is a gift . It’s a connection that is unmatched in any form or other relationship. It’s a love that grows continually, a love that always wants more and better. My Greatest blessing, a relationship that never ends and a love that never dies. It’s the best thing I have ever become, the greatest love I have ever felt and the best part about being me.
We don't need to be a perfect one.. 
“Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have.” – Robin Lim
“Birth takes a woman’s deepest fears about herself and show her that she is stronger than them.” – Unknown


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